Smoke Shaft Testing

What we do

We undertake smoke shaft integrity testing to confirm that the shaft is sufficiently air tight to allow the automatic opening ventilation to perform as required when it is fitted and commissioned.


The automatic-opening vents are a key part of the fire strategy for multi-storey buildings to extract smoke in the case of a fire. For the fans and vents to perform as required the shaft itself must be sufficiently air tight that they can create the pressure difference to draw smoke out of the building and protect the occupants and/or emergency services.

We work to air permeability targets set by the automatic-opening ventilation manufacturers that allows their equipment to operate effectively.

How it works

An air pressure test is conducted using a fan installed into the shaft. The intended openings of the shaft (i.e. extract point and openings for ventilation grilles on each floor) are sealed off for the test so that the integrity of the shaft itself can be determined.

The test takes place in advance of the automatic-opening ventilation equipment being installed and commissioned.

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