Ventilation Testing

What we do

Air Leakage Testing Ltd undertake air flow measurements of background extraction ventilation for Approved Document F requirements.


Ventilation is key in controlling moisture and pollutant levels in any building, if the ventilation is not sufficient it can lead to an unpleasant living environment and in the longer-term problems with the building and/or health issues.

Although extract vents claim a level of air flow based on laboratory testing this does not guarantee they will achieve this in practice due to various issues but most commonly the installation. Therefore, Approved Document F (Ventilation) requires background ventilation to be tested after installation meets the requirements, for example for intermittent extraction:

Utility Rooms:

6 litres/second
15 litres/second
30 litres/second
30 litres/second (when fitted adjacent to the cooker hob, this increases to 60 litres/second when fitted away from the cooker hob).

How it works

The testing is done using a hood placed over the extraction fan which channels the air the fan draws through a calibrated anemometer which measures the air flow.

The testing is best completed in combination with air or sound testing to minimise the costs.

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